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Pinterest: An Unobvious eCommerce platform

Pinterest: An Unobvious eCommerce platform

When we think of eCommerce, we think Shopify, WooCommerce, or BigCommerce. There are other players, of course, but we rarely mention Pinterest, the third most popular social network in the US.

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Pinterest: An Unobvious eCommerce platform


Pinterest is big and popular and has many active users with disposable income. Its users are ready to buy, and buyable pins have transformed it into a legit platform for business.

Almost any product can be sold there, from fashion items to services. We mentioned the fashion industry for a reason: most of the network’s users are female. No wonder beauty, wellness, and travel categories are the most popular on the service.

The best thing about Pinterest as an eCommerce platform is that it’s easy to set up — and much cheaper. Set up a business account, make sure your brand has a clear and modern design, and start posting. On Pinterest, the winners are those with impeccable taste and creative posts. 

While the audiences and the tools are different, some things stay the same on every platform. For example, the importance of SEO. Keywords play a huge part.

Pinterest is an excellent place for a brand to gain a following. Even though it’s a lot more limited than the others, it has all the tools of a great eCommerce platform.

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