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Plugins Every WordPress Designer in NYC Should Know

wordpress designer in NYC

One of the logical reasons to choose WordPress web design for your website is a decent number of highly effective and useful plugins. This content management system offers you about 50,000 plugins that you can freely choose and install for your project. Such an enormous number is, however, a bit overhyped because some of the plugins are very specific, some are half-baked, and some are just so buggy that you cannot use them properly. That’s why every WordPress designer in NYC should know the most significant plugins that stand out against all others. So, what are they?

Note: The following list consists of both free (with premium) and premium-only plugins. If you are not ready to spend some money on premium features, you can still find decent alternatives on the Internet.

Plugins every WordPress designer in NYC should know

Yoast SEO (Free & Premium)

Yoast SEO almost always ranks high on the list of the most installed extensions. This free plugin helps optimize web pages and analyze the content of your website. If someone wants to make a website more searchable, Yoast SEO would be a good pick.

WooCommerce (Free & Premium)

WooCommerce is a treasure for ecommerce site design. This plugin powers about 30% of online stores nowadays. Any WordPress designer in NYC can use it to build a decent webshop since WooCommerce offers a bunch of must-have ecommerce features and tools.

Elementor (Premium)

Elementor is a big helper for WordPress web designers. It provides a lot of cool effects, overlays, and animations so that you can create an original WordPress web design and make it look brand new.

WPForms (Free & Premium)

The name speaks for itself as WPForms is all about creating all sorts of forms for a website. Be it a contact form or a payment form, this plugin is an inalienable tool for full customization.

MonsterInsights (Free & Premium)

It’s essential that a WordPress designer in NYC knows how to install this plugin because MonsterInsights is what connects a website with Google Analytics. With it, you will obtain all the necessary stats about who and how enters your site.

Optimole (Free up to some point)

Image optimization is one of the key factors for page load time. It doesn’t necessarily mean that your website will be loading like a rocket; still, this plugin can help a WordPress designer in NYC optimize your graphic content so that it looks good on different screens.

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