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Project Planning Steps for a Web Development Company

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When a web development company starts working on a new project, things look pretty complicated at first. Thus, proper planning is a cornerstone of proper process organization and goal attainment within the deadline and budgetary limits. Without a plan, the project may quickly go off track and face delays, client dissatisfaction, and technical problems. Thus, early planning is vital, and here the experts of Beluga Lab share their planning approach to help your web development company streamline the processes.

#1 Project Goals and Technical Specifications

The initial project phase is to define the project’s goals, needs, and specifications. Identify the target audience and the problem you want to address. Once the vision becomes clear, it’s time to decide what team members will be responsible for different technical aspects, assigning tasks and formulating project milestones.

#2 Scheduling

After you understand all project specifications and have the list of tasks in front of you, the project scheduling phase begins. You need to stipulate the time needed for all tasks’ completion and QA testing, thus estimating the whole timeline for the project. The schedule is then fed into a task management system like Jira to track the team’s progress.

#3 Prototyping

The prototype’s design is an initial stage of web design that tests the anticipated functions of the product. It’s like viability testing employed to validate the business idea before resource-consuming web development takes place.

#4 Development

The actual development process starts when the prototype is validated. This is the longest and most resource-intensive aspect of a software project.

#5 QA and Deployment

Once the product is ready, your web development company should run a detailed QA test to ensure that the software meets the technical requirements, has a high-quality code, and meets particular metrics. If everything looks good, the project is ready for a launch for end-user access.

#6 Maintenance

The company’s job doesn’t end with a launch of a software product. Software and apps require 24/7 maintenance, customer support, and regular updates. These efforts will help you keep the product relevant to the changing user needs.

A Web Development Company’s Success Depends on Planning

As you can see, planning a software project is not that hard. However, it gives you a set of advantages, such as better control over the process, resource allocation, budgeting, and QA testing. These benefits contribute to the higher quality of the final software product and ensure client satisfaction, which is the ultimate goal of every success-oriented web development company.

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