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Quality Web Design: Top 9 Basic Principles

quality web design

It’s not always cut and dried as to what exactly makes a website appealing and welcoming for visitors and clients. There is a list of features to consider before one can devise a formula for successful web design. Today, we would like to share with you 9 basic principles of quality web design, which are highly likely to help you distinguish between a superior product and low-quality bungling. It can also be a handy guide for all those trying to develop the best web design. So let’s start!

Top 9 basic principles of quality web design

1. Grid-based layout

Grid is a skeleton of your webpage. With its help, you structure the layout so that buttons, content, and white space can peacefully coexist altogether. 

2. Simple navigation

Quality web design and intuitive navigation system cannot be torn asunder. If your website is hard to navigate, you are likely to lose your visitors once they discover such a blunder. 

3. Well-organized content

Content hierarchy defines how gradual user engagement will be in terms of content. Not only the organization but also the quality of content makes the difference. 

4. Effective use of visuals

High-resolution images and videos are good, but what about the implementation? The better you arrange the visuals, the more effectively they will influence your visitors later on. 

5. Search engine optimization

This is a pretty game-changing aspect of quality web design. All top web designers and web developers know how crucial SEO practices are for responsive design and customer flow management. 

6. Mobile compatibility

The foundation for the aforementioned search engine optimization is screen compatibility that is, by far, one of the most accelerating web design trends in the industry nowadays. Every website design studio tries to keep up with these growing standards.

7. Decent page speed

Just like in one of Sting’s songs, “Don’t make me wait.” 3 seconds or more, and a potential buyer will abandon the site, not even seeing your good home page. 

8. Focus on branding

Another principle of quality web design is the correlation between actual web design and a brand. If it is about a high quality, then these two things should always complement one another.

9. Eye-catching typography

Don’t belittle the importance of typography. There are numerous web design examples where the font changes the whole perception of a website. That’s one of those things that distinguish you from all the rest.

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