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Questions To Ask A Web Designer

Questions to ask a web designer

Hiring a web designer is not as easy as one would like: before you’ve agreed to everything, make sure you know enough about the people you’re about to hire. And knowing the right questions is critical. Forget them, and it’ll be too late to backpedal. We’re here to help: here are some of the most important questions to ask a web designer.

Questions to ask a web designer


Will you analyze my website before committing to work?

Most business owners already have a website. But not every website is equal, and sooner or later, you’ll have to upgrade. Sometimes we’re talking about a complete overhaul. Redesign job is usual stuff, but make sure the guys you hired do their research — especially if your site has more than ten pages. A professional designer should provide you with an audit and tell you their opinion about the state of things. We’re talking a full written report or at least a detailed review.

Do you work in-house?

Many agencies prefer outsourcing most of the work, which allows them to save, but usually results in less than stellar results. For example, we at Beluga work exclusively in-house, which means we’re always on the same page and can be sure to hit all the deadlines.

Will you work within your budget?

Budget is not something many are fond of discussing, but it’s paramount you get a custom quote regarding your project. That can be achieved at the very start of the discussions — usually during a phone call. Good agencies are upfront about their prices and never surprise their clients with sudden expenditures. And if they do their homework (aka analyze your site beforehand), the whole process should go as smoothly as possible.

Will you hit the deadlines?

While designing a website is in many ways a creative undertaking, you should set strict deadlines. Sometimes you need to build your website quickly, and if your agency can’t commit, you’ll end up regretting the decision to kick off the project. And if you hear something like “ that’ll take months,” you can be sure you’re not at the top of their priorities.

What services can you provide? Do I need to provide you with images or content before the work starts?

Sometimes you have all ingredients for a good website: a logo, brand colors, and identity, content, etc. If you do, it’ll streamline the work and help the designers. But you need a brand new website out of nothing, that will require more. Some, like us, offer complete brand identity packages in addition to web design and development, and some do the bare minimum. Think carefully about what you need and have.

Are you experienced? Do you have a portfolio of similar sites?

Websites are different and serve various purposes. Designing a good eCommerce website requires specific skills, and it’s better to ensure your project won’t be the first for an up-and-coming startup. While you might get attractive pricing in that case, it’s never nice being someone’s guinea pig.

What CMS do you intend to use?

Every website needs a content management system at its core, and there are a few popular ones to choose from. Usually, agencies have their favorite — in our case, it’s WordPress. CMSs are different, so ask your project manager what makes their CMS of choice suitable for your website. What plugins do you need, how pricy are they, and how easy it is to maintain the website after all the work’s done.

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