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Reasons To Use Shopify

Reasons To Use Shopify

Shopify is a beast: the eCommerce platform has grown into a behemoth and the industry leader, and for a reason: it’s a powerful tool that anyone can use. Today we are listing the reasons to use Shopify.

Reasons To Use Shopify

First, let’s start with the price — that thing that scares us all. Business is hard work; the last thing we need is additional expenses. Thankfully, Shopify is quite affordable: the cheapest tier starts at just 9 USD/mo. And as your business grows, so will your financial capabilities. This number is nothing, considering what Shopify has to offer.

Another reason we love Shopify is its flexibility in international markets. If you have a local business, it’s fine. But if you’re targeting customers worldwide, you have all the necessary tools. Shopify is perfect for operations of any size.

Another reason why many folks aren’t rushing to start using Shopify is that they already have a store and are afraid to migrate. But really, Shopify is the best platform to migrate to: trust us, as a Shopify Plus Partner, we know, having migrated over one hundred stores from all kinds of platforms. The service has tons of docs, making changing platforms a breeze. 

SEO is another reason to think about going with Shopify. There’s a reason more and more huge enterprises are going with the platform, which Google knows and trusts. Visually, too, there’s a plethora of options: you can both use one of the numerous themes or create a unique one yourself (or with the help of trusted professionals, wink wink). 

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