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Reasons Your Website Might Need A Redesign

Reasons Your Website Might Need A Redesign

Every business needs a website, and most of them already have one. But with each year, what once seemed like an excellent site, now looks outdated, doing more harm than good. Trust us, we’ve seen tons of sites like that, and their owners often don’t realize that things could be much better. A site is there to work for you, to help you find leads and new customers, but only a good one will bring money instead of sucking them. Here are reasons your website might need a redesign as well.

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Reasons for a redesign

Your load times are slow

Gone are the times when people expected to wait when visiting a new site. Now your visitor expects blazing speeds, and if they have to wait for more than three seconds, they’ll leave. Each additional second results in a 5% drop in conversion. By the way, search engines hate slow sites as well.

If you want a faster loading site, you have to act — otherwise, you’ll get left behind by your competitors.

Adaptive design is a must

Mobile-friendly is a must nowadays when more than half of traffic comes from cell phones. If your site is not exactly new, there’s a high chance it works well only on desktop computers. That means you’re bleeding potential customers each day. If your site is not up to modern standards, they’ll assume your business is the same.

Once again, Google ranks sites with mobile-friendly design higher as well.

Bad navigation

Navigation is something that has changed drastically in the last few years. What once was acceptable is no longer the norm, and outdated navigation will leave your visitors confused and unhappy. User experience matters, and a good navigation will prompt your visitors to stick around. Modern web designers know how to make pages easy to find.

Outdated… design

Yes, that one’s obvious, but not every business owner realizes what is considered an “outdated” web design. But your users do, and if they see something no longer acceptable, they’ll get the wrong impression of your business. You can’t let your competitors outdo you, and that’s why your site needs a redesign to be up to modern standards. That sends the right message.

High bounce rate

No matter what you do, you want your visitors to stick around. And if all they do is visit one page and leave, it’s a bad sign. There’s a high chance that an older website has a bounce rate higher than 50%, which means it’s hard to navigate.

When building a new website, developers ensure the bounce rate is acceptable. You just can’t ignore that metric.


Every single website you can find on Google is optimized for SEO. The higher the site, the better the optimization. Ads are good but costly; you need organic visitors who search for your services and stumble on your site. It’s never accidental: web developers make sure each and every page of your site is easy to find and ranks high enough.

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