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Responsive Design for an eLearning Resource A to Z

responsive design

Users are getting increasingly sophisticated and demanding today. Thus, it’s imperative for the business owner planning an app launch to see how they can reach out to their target audience in the best possible way. One of the principles maximizing your chances for market success is responsive design. The principles of responsive design are increasingly popular in the e-learning market niche. So, here is our guide to the responsive design of an e-learning resource you may use to create a popular, profitable digital product.

Why Choose Responsive Design?

The reason for incorporating responsive design is the need to keep pace with the digital trends. Statistics show that people studying online consume their educational content on smartphones more and more each day. Thus, to reach out to them, you need to make your content mobile-friendly and adaptive to a wide variety of device screens.

Responsive Design Principles in Mobile Learning

Here are the tips for making your e-learning resource genuinely responsive.

#1 Content Optimization

Loading your web resource with content may be tempting, but it’s the wrong way to go with e-learning apps. Please keep in mind that your users come to the app to learn new data and skills. So, they don’t need distractions or informational noise on the pages meant for learning.

#2 Layout Choice

When building a responsive design, you need to put it as the cornerstone of your web development process right from the start. This means that you will need to choose a universal, fluid layout working well on all screen sizes, all platforms, and in all browsers.

#3 Interactivity

To make your resource truly interactive, you have to familiarize your users with the features and functions you have. It’s harder to come to grips with the interactive elements of a mobile device as the user doesn’t have a mouse to try all visual elements. So, a quick onboarding session can be of much help.

#4 Intuitive UI

A clear, navigable, and intuitive UI is the secret sauce of a mobile learning app’s success. Users don’t stand wandering across the app for ages to find one tiny feature they need. Give them a clear roadmap and user flow, and they will award you with loyalty and trust.

#5 Speed

There’s nothing worse than a slowly loading page. Modern students are dynamic and quick, and that’s what they expect from the apps and platforms they use. Thus, you need to invest extra time and effort into your web resource’s speed and functionality to minimize the user churn rate.

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