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Secrets to Stunning Website’s Menu Design

websites menu design

Once a person comes to the website, they look for its menu and options of actions they can complete. Ideally, the website’s menu design should correspond to its purpose and the services you deliver. Therefore, it’s vital to dedicate much attention to the menu design so that you give maximum value and functionality to your customers. Here are some simple hacks for website’s menu design enhancement without extra effort.

#1 Choose the Menu Type

There are many variants to choose from, so you need to approach the menu design choice responsibly. The currently available options are:

  • horizontal navigation (located in the website’s header),
  • dropdown navigation (minimal design with more options opening upon clicking)
  • Hamburger menu (a mobile-friendly menu option)
  • Sidebar (a vertical menu on the right or left side of the page)
  • Footer navigation (typically used as an additional menu area)

#2 Prioritize Pages

It’s vital to design a clear sitemap and page hierarchy before you proceed to the website’s menu design. You don’t want to let your users lose their way, do you? So, the menu should direct the visitors through the marketing funnel, enabling them to find the needed information without confusion.

#3 Opt for Minimalism

Including all pages in your menu may reduce the website’s UX. We recommend prioritizing the core pages and leading your users to them, offering additional content on a sidebar. This way, you will ensure that users get to the point and perform the intended actions without information overload.

#4 Link a Logo to Homepage

No matter what a visitor does on the website, they should always have a short way to the home page. That’s easily accomplished by linking your logo to the home page, letting anyone jump to it once they find a current page irrelevant or wrongly clicked.

#5 Leave Breadcrumbs

A super helpful menu design hack is the use of breadcrumbs. Looking at the thread of breadcrumbs, users will always understand how they got to a specific page. This approach also helps find related content in a similar category easier. Visitors see what categories and subcategories your content is assigned, which simplifies their onboarding.

Your Website’s Menu Design Is Vital

As you can see, by introducing a couple of tweaks in the menu design, you can quickly improve the UI/UX of your online resource. These simple tricks are accessible to everyone, giving you the upper hand in your online industry and helping you maximize conversion.

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