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Security Issues to Discuss with Your eCommerce Development Company

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Clients of any ecommerce development company worry about security first of all. With the number of hacks, data breaches, and financial thefts online increasing every day, guaranteeing total safety has become an extra business challenge. So, creating safe and hacker-proof ecommerce websites is a must for every self-respecting agency working with digital products. Here’s a guide from Beluga Lab’s security experts about potential risks and threats you need to address.

What Security Threats Can an eCommerce Development Company Anticipate?

There are zillions of online risks, and you will never guess where the next hacker attack will be. Still, based on the widely available body of knowledge about cyber-risks, you can fortify every client’s web resource to avoid vulnerabilities and evident errors. Experts recommend taking these threats into account first of all.

#1 Malware

Every ecommerce development company faces the need to protect its products against viruses, spyware, and malware. These threats have become too commonplace and widespread to ignore altogether. Thus, you need to double-check the malware protection your website has before launching it into the online space.

#2 SQL Injection

This method of unauthorized entry to an ecommerce platform’s database presupposes injecting an infected SQL query into the stream of queries entering the system. An ecommerce platform may perceive the malicious SQL as a normal one, thus giving a hacker access to clients’ sensitive data, financial information, and database entries. What’s more, a hacker can create an admin account within the platform’s database and conduct various malicious activities inside the system, sometimes even blocking the legitimate admins’ access and hijacking the site altogether.

#3 Phishing

Online users receive tons of emails today. So, they may open some email seemingly coming from a familiar brand and click on the suggested link, thus triggering a chain of malicious activities on their devices. Thus, every ecommerce development company should provide education to customers and regular users for spotting the danger and identifying phishing emails by various signs.

#4 DDoS Attacks

DDoS stands for distributed denial of service, which means a hacker attack targeting a total collapse of your ecommerce platform caused by an overload with inquiries. A DDoS attack takes place once the company starts experiencing server inquiries from thousands of IP addresses at the same time. These inquiries block the platform’s performance, preventing your users from making regular purchases. Thus, it’s vital to give every ecommerce site adequate protection from DDoS attacks with services like Cloudflare.

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