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SEO tips for Black Friday

SEO tips for Black Friday

November brings us closer to the holidays, and everything starts to change. There are more clients, more offers, and more things to do. Here are our SEO tips for Black Friday.

SEO tips for Black Friday

Black Friday is all about presents for the fast-approaching Christmas, and users look for special offers and sales. They aren’t just looking for offers — they are looking for Black Friday offers. And you as a merchant must give them a way to find these offers fast. Otherwise, they’ll go someplace else with a better user experience. So, our advice? Think about user experience and use faceted navigation. 

Next, you should think about creating special landing pages for Black Friday. Use keyword combinations and brand names to tailor pages to popular search queries. And that you should do well in advance.

A PPC campaign is also warranted. Promotional ads during the most lucrative season in the US can yield massive results, and if you have a budget for it, better do it now. But it isn’t necessary if you’ve already handled everything else. For example, we’ve already covered the importance of Google Business Profile. For Black Friday, you can add a special seasonal category. One for Black Friday and the next for Christmas.

All of this doesn’t guarantee success, though. There are no guarantees in SEO in general, and in 2022, we’re expecting a decline in revenue. This is connected to the economic situation: people are more cautious today than a year ago, and for a good reason. That’s why customer trust is especially important. And if you’ve been neglecting SEO and customer relations before, no amount of ads will fix that before the holidays.

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