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Server vs. Local Website Development Environment

local website development

Whenever website developers start developing a website, they usually have to prepare themselves for future work. One of the most pertinent questions is whether to use a server or local website development environment when working on the code. The answer to it is quite crucial for both developers and clients who hire them. Let’s figure out what means what, and whether there is a distinction between these two terms with regard to web developing.

Server vs. local website development environment

Sever website development environment

In a nutshell, a web development firm that works with server development is creating a website online. Well, it’s not often a website itself because such “live practices” do more harm than good. It’s when there is a special development place or site on a webserver where coders do their job and create functional layouts that then will be integrated on the main server.

One of the biggest advantages of such an environment is, of course, its omnipresence, which means that you can access the code from any device with an Internet connection. Also, it’s visible to other people. That’s why server website development is effective when a couple of devs should see the results of work, either for improvement or feedback.

Its most major plus is simultaneously the most significant minus. The thing is that if you have problems with the Internet, your productivity drops to zero, which is why it’s not the best choice for those who like coding during travel.

Local website development environment

Local website development is the complete opposite of the first, and it has nothing to do with your physical location. Local, in this case, is all about where the server files are stored. It could be a laptop or a desktop but not a server. In other words, it’s offline, which allows a professional web development company to work without binding to online platforms.

Compared to server development, local development is a more convenient and secure approach to coding. First, your progress is always with you. Everything you need is just to take a laptop, and you can continue to work wherever you are comfortable. Second, many choose it because of safety reasons since a web server can be hacked, and all the work might go down the drain.

Hopefully, the difference between server and local website development environment is now clear. This information will prove useful to both beginners and would-be website owners. If you have questions regarding website development, don’t hesitate to contact Beluga Lab whenever convenient.

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