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Shopify B2B Update And The Other New Features

Shopify B2B Update And The Other New Big Features

Retailers and entrepreneurs love Shopify, and there’s a reason for that. Ever since the service appeared, it has allowed the smaller businesses to free themselves from Amazon and establish their own online shops. Now it’s the biggest it’s ever been, and at the end of June, the company announced a huge number of features. Many people are very excited about the Shopify B2B update, but that’s not all. Let’s see what else has been added.

Shopify B2B update

Before today, Shopify was all about direct-to-consumer sales, but now, the company is ready to allow you to sell to businesses as well. It’s a big chance for you to expand your sales. While the process might seem the same, business customers have different ways of buying goods. Each country has its own rules one can’t ignore. 

Terminal-less future

It seems like Shopify is expanding its digital set of features and moving more into the physical world. The new feature (that actually appeared in May) allows merchants to eliminate POD hardware like terminals. All you need is an iPhone and its tap-to-pay feature. It’s an easy way to offer more payment options to a customer.


It’s hard to say whether we’re seeing the death of NFT or just a temporary freefall connected with cryptocurrencies’ own dip. In any way, Shopify is ready to provide its customers with a way to use NFTs. It’s a bit hard to understand how it will work, but we know there’ll be a way to reward NFT owners with special access to products and experiences. Whatever it means. 

Shopify functions

Shopify has been doing a lot about headless commerce before, allowing more prominent customers to customize their site to a bigger extent. It’s essential, as bigger customers often feel like they’ve outgrown Shopify and start looking for more serious ways of integrating eCommerce features. The new Functions allow for more dynamic options and technical features. In that way, they complement Oxygen and Hydrogen nicely. 

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