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Sketch To Figma: Is Migration Possible?

Sketch To Figma: Is Migration Possible?

Modern UI/UX designers have numerous tools at their disposal, Sketch and Figma being among the most popular. But which one to choose? And, more importantly, is going from Sketch to Figma even possible without losing everything? Let’s find out together.

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Sketch to Figma: What to choose?


Sketch and Figma are popular because they are leading tools in their area, convenient to use, and extremely powerful. But there are a lot of differences between the two. But going from one to another can be a painful process. Is it even possible? Before we answer, let’s see what separates the two apps.

While both apps are vector-based, they have their unique features. Both are great for mockups, prototypes, and wireframing. While Figma is a cross-platform tool that requires a browser and basically nothing else, Sketch is a Mac-only program. That can be a problem for a team where everyone has different devices. Figma, of course, cares little about whether you have a Mac, a Windows laptop, or a tablet. Remote teams love it for that same reason; it’s also great for showcasing your work via links.

Don’t also forget just how powerful Figma is when it comes to services and plugins. While Sketch requires you also to use Invision, Zeppelin, Craft, etc., Figma just works.

Which one is better? More convenient? We can’t decide that for you as it all comes down to personal preferences. Both are powerful, capable tools in the hands of professionals.

But can you migrate from Sketch to Figma?

Going from one app to another is rarely easy; in this case, you can expect many hassles. Importing is possible, but it’s messy and rarely ends up worth it. More often than not, it’s better to rebuild everything by hand. Think of it as a learning process: while rebuilding, you’ll learn everything there is to know about Figma. Figma offers fantastic tutorials and is easy to master.

It is possible to open Sketch files in Figma, but not everything works. Masks, for example, won’t migrate. The best thing you can do is import your file and use it as a reference for a manual rebuild.

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