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Slack Alternatives For Professional Teams

Slack Alternatives For Professional Teams

Slack is a behemoth, and for more than twelve million people, it’s the perfect way of collaborating with colleagues. But it’s not perfect: many features are hidden behind a paywall, and there’s no voice chat. Thankfully, there are alternatives. Today we’ve found the five best Slack alternatives for you.

Five Slack Alternatives


Google Chat

When you need a tool for a whole team of people, it’s prudent to think about what services a lot of us always use. It would be fair to presume that all of your colleagues already have a Google account. That’s half of the battle already won! Google Chat is already built into Gmail, and the company also has Google Meet. It’s easy to use and great for communicating with teams. It’s free, too.


A somewhat controversial addition. But Discord, which is a communication app for gamers, turned out to be a powerful tool for work teams as well. Even the free tier is quite powerful, with unlimited messaging. Someone might consider Discord an overkill as it’s brimming with features, but for us, it works quite well.


If you want complete freedom, RocketChat might be what you need. It’s an open-source alternative to Slack, which allows importing files from Slack. You can also self-host it and use real-time translation and E2E encryption. 

Microsoft Teams

Like Gmail, if you’re already using Microsoft Office 365, you already have Teams, so why not have a go? It’s a powerful business tool with all the features you might want, from video calls to apps. And it being a Microsoft product, it easily integrates into Office products. There’s a freemium version, too.


Want a self-managed server? Mattermost allows you to do that. It’s an open-source tool with unlimited message history even in the freemium tier and most features you might expect. It’s excellent for smaller teams that don’t want to spend a lot. 

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