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Small Business Site Design: 5 Essential Components

small business website design

Have you ever considered what the most crucial features of business or ecommerce web design are? This, at first thought, simple question may weird out even experienced custom web developers. Knowing how business site design works and what its key components are can make you go over again your strategies and keep up with better tactics in your work. Let’s have a look at 5 essential components of small business website design, which are sure to improve your website.

5 essential components of business site design

At Beluga Lab, we have extensive experience in creating websites for small business companies. Each time developing a business site design, we encountered newer and newer techniques leading to better experience and results overall. Having accumulated a substantive amount of knowledge through years of work, we now want to share some useful tips with you.

Responsive business web design

Such a characteristic as responsiveness always goes first when it comes to website design & development. It is doubly useful for small businesses that are only getting off the ground. With mobile-friendly web design and better user experience, you can leverage your competition and start building new horizons while your rivals will be left behind you.

Welcoming homepage

According to the 15-second rule, an average visitor is likely to leave your website in 15 seconds. Your homepage is the stage where people form an opinion of your company, and you have only 15 seconds to convince them to stay. Every business site design starts with a homepage; that’s why it is in your interest to find a professional web design company that can create a selling layout of your front page.

Navigation & search features

Due to unknown reasons, many people unfairly underestimate such features as the navigation bar and search box. However, these website elements play a vital role for your customers as they decrease the time of browsing or searching desirable products on the site. They are highly effective, so make sure your business site design includes both of them. 

Informative and consistent blog

Small business websites should attract as many clients as possible from the start. One of the trusted ways to do so is to maintain a website blog. By offering well-written blog articles to your customers, you will rise in their estimation and prove that you have a broad view of the subject.

Transparent feedback

One of the most efficient web design & development practices is arranging transparent feedback for clients. The majority of Internet users consider social proof to be a decisive component shaping their choices. It would be very beneficial to you to highlight customer testimonials, reviews, trust badges, etc. Moreover, transparent feedback will make your website more user-friendly and help you win new buyers.

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