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Spam Score Check: Why Your Website Might Be Considered Spammy

Spam Score Check: Is Your Website Considered Spammy?

I know you have a good website. I am pretty sure you’ve done all you could to make it as good as possible. And yet, it ranks low, and Google considers it… spammy? Something’s not right here, don’t you think? Here’s where you can do your spam score check.

What is a spam score check?

Spam is as old as the web, and we all know what it is. Unwelcome and mostly false information is everywhere, and Google does everything it can to hide the websites it considers “low quality.” 

There are a few websites that provide you with a complete analysis of your website, including the spam score. We’re not listing direct links here, but a simple Google search will yield the results you want. What I want to help you with today is to understand what you might be doing wrong.

Let me remind you that Google goes through each site automatically. If a crawler notices something it considers fishy, your ranking goes down. So what are the things you should avoid?

First, include some more important pages, like About Us, Contact Us, and maybe a blog. One-page sites can look suspicious to a search engine.

Do you know what else it dislikes? “Fancy” domain extensions. .com or .ca are fine, but .fit, .gq or .buzz? Google is skeptical about those. Long domain names are also a big no-no — it’s been like that for a while now. Long names are a bad idea anyways — no one can remember those, so just stay away from names like, okay?

Regarding content, Google likes it when there’s a lot of it, updated regularly. But never steal it from anyone: everything should be 100% unique, with no padding or false info. Modern search engines are good at detecting low-quality content.

Last but not least, secure your site with HTTPS. HTTP is outdated. 

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