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Stock Photography: Pros and Cons according to Google

We use stock photography daily, but what does Google “think” about it? Is it harmful to your SEO rating? Here’s what we found out thanks to the Search Off the Record podcast.

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Stock Photography: Pros and Cons according to Google


The Search Off the Record podcast this time gave voice to curators of Google’s support documentation. People like Lizzi Sassman and John Mueller. John particularly confirmed that there’s nothing wrong with using stock imagery to add some context to your content. 

But the main question is how do stock images influence your SEO score? Does Google even notice? And it seems that not really. There are no negative effects when it comes to SERP, but also no positive effects as well.

Stock remains a good way to spruce up your pages, but be careful not to overdo it: if your website only uses stock imagery, it might look inauthentic. Especially when used on pages like About Us! Search engines too might notice the lack of original images.

When it comes to designers, their opinion on stock graphics vary. A lot of the time, it’s recommended to get rid of the most cliched example out there, like a business handshake and the like. A picture can be stock but not look like it. That’s the best option for you. 

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