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Strangest Devices With Preinstalled Web Browsers

Strangest Devices With Preinstalled Web Browsers

Today we are in a quirky mood. Instead of analyzing the latest internet trends or sharing SEO secrets, we decided to list the strangest devices with preinstalled web browsers. No one was optimizing their websites for those!

Strangest devices with preinstalled web browsers

When we think about website optimization, we think about the most widespread devices and browsers—Safari on iPhone, Chrome on Windows, that sort of thing. But there were a lot more gadgets with internet connectivity. Some of them are truly bizarre.

  • Refrigerators. Gone are the days of the “dull” fridges: most premium models have internet connectivity, giant screens and… browsers. Samsung released a model like that, hoping you’ll start browsing for groceries right there on your kitchen. Didn’t work: nobody bothered with it.
  • Printers. HP Photosmart Premium TouchSmart Web All-in-One Printer wanted to imitate iPhone in all the wrong ways. It offered a smartphone-like touch screen and a list of apps. But it was slow and unresponsive.
  • Game consoles. Modern consoles are more like PCs with proprietary OS. All of them support browsing the web, although browsers are often hidden from the user. Wii had a browser, and the PlayStation 3, too! Nowadays, you don’t have to worry about some random gamer accessing your website from their console: the PS5 and Switch have hidden their browsers, while Xbox uses Edge. Boring.
  • Smartwatches. It’s hard to imagine a device with a smaller screen than a watch, yet users constantly try installing browsers. Some, like Samsung Watch4, have them available from the get-go. Hardly convenient, but it’s an option.
  • Smart glasses. Remember Google Glass? That innovative flop the company tried to make a thing? Well, it had a pre-installed browser, but using it was not easy. The browser on Google Glass was a stripped-down version of the Chrome browser, which is Google’s web browser.

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