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Successful New York Web Developers That Made It Big

New York Web Developers

NYC is not only our home but also the city that inspires us daily. This is a city where creatives can spread their wings and achieve greatness, and stories of such people can serve as an inspiration (that word again) and proof that success is possible even in the grimmest of situations. Here’s our list of successful New York Web developers.

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New York web developers are some of the most successful developers out there

Not surprisingly, the draft for this article turned out to be too big, and we had to make some cuts, focusing not on quantity but on the quality of contributions. Many people were either born in NYC or relocated here to study and work. This city sculpts people. Being local means thinking a certain way. You don’t have to be born here! But it helps.

Jeffrey Zeldman

Jeffrey Zeldman, born in NYC, is a famous web designer and author who founded Happy Cog in 1999. Back then, web design wasn’t something people took seriously. He published two books, Taking your Talent to the Web and Designing with Web Standards, advocating for standards-compliant web design. Zeldman and his company popularized responsive design, style switching, and CSS layout. His contributions have been crucial to modern accessibility standards.

He and Eric A. Meyer also founded “the design conference for people who make websites” called An Event Apart.

Sara Chipps

Sara Chipps is good at what she does (a JavaScript developer and engineering manager) and proves that you can and should always give back. She is a co-founder of Girl Develop It, which is a non-profit created to help women become software developers.

We always respect people who do everything they can to get others interested in their field. Chipps and her company Jewelbots developed a curious project, a programmable friendship bracelet, to pique young women’s interest in science and engineering.

Jessica Walsh

American designer, art director, and illustrator Jessica Walsh is at the forefront of design. She began coding and designing sites when she was 11, and she never never stopped. Walsh studied graphic design at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), where she received a BFA degree.

Jessica and her design agency &Walsh, worked with some of the biggest clients, including The Museum of Modern Art and The New York Times.

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