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The About Us Page — The Dos and Don’ts

The About Us Page — The Dos and Don’ts

The About Us page is omnipresent — you will have difficulty finding an eCommerce website without one. But how to make a good About Us page? That’s what we’re trying to find out together.

Why do we need the About Us page

The About Us page is usually buried somewhere where it’s not always easy to find it. Why? Because many companies underestimate its value. For them, it’s there to state some obvious facts and move on…, and that’s not what the About Us page is at all. It’s not only about your brand or company. It’s also where a potential customer can find a reason to stick around, to invest in a brand emotionally. This page is much more important than you might think. 

In short, why do you have the About Us page? To tell a story. To entice. Or explain. It’s one of the most visited pages on any given site for a reason. It answers the question, “why am I here? Should I stay?” It solidifies your brand image like nothing else.

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So, what should you put on an About Us page?

  • A CTA? Maybe. A unique value proposition? Most definitely. If you have special offers, that’s where to put them. 
  • Photos? Sure. When dealing with a company, people are usually apprehensive as for them company = corporation which is, especially among the younger crowd, soulless and after your money. Yes, even your small local grooming startup can be a villain. So add some faces! Photos of people behind a brand are beneficial as they remind your visitors that they are dealing with ordinary people. It sounds weird, but it’s true. In short, add some photos. Tell a bit about the people in the pictures. 
  • A story? Yes, sure. Every good brand has a story. Some are entirely made-up, some are truthful — you decide. Your story should be unique, and if it’s ordinary, make its format memorable. You’re creative; you can come up with something.
  • Where are you? Tell them! Location info makes it a bit more personal (like photos). Mention that you’re from Maine, or Georgia, or wherever, and your company will seem more genuine. People also can have good associations with the place. And if you’re not a proudly local business and have countrywide offices or facilities, show them all on a map. It will look impressive.
  • A CTA. Again? Sure! That might be the perfect place for it, right at the bottom of your page. Just don’t make it sound like a sales pitch. Remember, this page should feel genuine. 

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