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The Best Email Clients For Mac

The Best Email Clients For Mac

Can an email client be considered a web design tool? It sounds strange, but when working with a client, you can’t do without it. And the better the client, the more productive you are. Communication, after all, is key when it comes to freelance work. Or all work, really. So, today we look at some of the best email clients for Mac. Be warned: the first entry is going to be boring.

The best email clients for Mac

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Apple Mail

See, what did we tell you? One of the best email clients all around is already pre-installed on your computer, iPhone, and iPad. It’s called Mail, and it’s as straightforward as its name implies. 

The Apple Mail app has been a mainstay on the company’s computers for a while. But, many users prefer the other, more robust solutions. Still, there are a lot of things to like about Mail, which, by the way, is getting some of its most significant updates in macOS Ventura, due sometime this fall. Mail can do it all, with clean, Apple-esque UI, smart mailboxes with tons of custom rules, and a handoff feature. It’s also way more privacy-concerned than most of its alternatives, and really, the only big issue is that on mobile, push notifications for Gmail won’t work. But why is that, you can ask Google — it’s their fault.


Spark will be a perfect alternative for those who love the Gmail interface. It’s more powerful than Apple Mail, as it allows you to “snooze” an email and use all sorts of Gmail-esque sorting features. 

The developer is especially proud of Spark for Teams — yes, an email client for collaborative work, since everything nowadays needs to be collaborative (ignore the whines of an introvert). Seriously, though, it has a LOT of fantastic features like commenting (privately) on an email with your colleagues and proofreading them. 

All of this doesn’t come cheap though, and if you’re serious about the For Teams edition, you’d better pay $7,99 a month for the Premium plan.

Microsoft Outlook

Seeing the word “Microsoft” in an Apple-centric article is always a boon, as it reminds us that war or no war, but in the world of software, there are no borders. Sometimes (oftentimes) for work you just have to use Microsoft’s accounts, which someone (like yours truly) despises, but a lot of others have no issue with. It’s all a matter of habit, after all, and Microsoft has been playing around with emails for as long as we can remember.

Microsoft Outlook is… different, maybe that’s the general idea? I know people who swear by Outlook and simply can’t do with anything else because the same thing that makes it weird for some is what makes it tick for them. And there are lots of genuinely fancy features like Focused Inbox, Mentions (@someone as you please), and customizable gestures. And there are tons of handy Microsoft features integrated into it. Features like a task manager, a chat, a note-taking app, and a calendar. It’s a beast.


It’s fast and it’s simple — in many ways, it’s Apple Mail all grown up. Airmail is great for those with multiple accounts, and while its feature list is lesser than that of Outlook, it’s actually a good thing — sometimes less is more, you know. Airmail is all about productivity: it supports Gmail shortcuts, trackpad gestures, and the ever-popular “snooze”. 

What’s more, it’s mostly free, and if you want a premium experience, it’s not expensive at all.

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