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The Dark Side of Using a Web Design Template

web design template

As soon as you realize the need to develop your web resource – an app, blog, portfolio, or website – it’s time to choose an approach. Will it be a custom design or a web design template? Obviously, going for a web design template is very tempting. You can launch your new digital product within days by spending only a couple of dollars on customization.

Sounds ideal, doesn’t it? But here are some downsides of using a web design template you may not realize before you start using it. Experts of Beluga Lab explain the dark side of template use to help you make an informed decision and evaluate the risks effectively.

Why Can a Web Design Template Fail You?

On the one hand, downloading and using a web design template is quick and simple, not requiring any special skills. On the other hand, you may come across the following problems and bottlenecks in the utilization of such web resources.

Limited Control

Those who use templates may experience a lack of control over the functionality and layout of their digital products. Everything looks neat and user-friendly once you look at the website samples. However, as soon as you start designing your own resource, problems may emerge. You may find it impossible to move layout parts or add the features your website needs. Thus, a web design template often does you a bad favor in terms of control and functional flexibility.

Low-Quality Code

Most templates look good on the surface but have cavities inside. Thus, you might find considerable security vulnerabilities or bugs as soon as you launch your product to the digital market. It may be a real shame to discover those issues after spending time and effort on the launch. Besides, it’s very hazardous to undermine your users’ trust or provide a failing service.

No Customization

As the lack of control suggests, you may also experience trouble with customization. This limitation poses serious concerns for businesses with distinct brand identities as it may hinder their outreach, reduce conversion, and overall cause cognitive dissonance in the users knowing the brand through other channels.

Limited SEO Tools

Content is still king, but a web design template may reduce the efficiency of your SEO efforts. SEO is not only about words; it involves content positioning and visual layout, which may be problematic to arrange the way you want in a template. Thus, think twice before choosing templates for your web resource’s development and double-check the SEO toolkit they include.

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