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The Knowledge Behind The Knowledge Panel: Figuring Out How To Get Featured on Google

The Knowledge Behind The Knowledge Panel: Figuring Out How To Get Featured on Google

What’s a knowledge panel? Only the most desired elements of organic search. Do you know when you search for a name and get a whole bio in your search results? Usually, but not exclusively, it’s information from Wikipedia. But you don’t have to be in an encyclopedia to be featured.

Knowledge Panel: Where does Google get the info?

The easy answer is “Wikipedia.” And, well, it’s true, too: most of the time, it’s what we see. But it’s not limited to Wiki: Google can pull data from any website. But for the search engine to trust you, the info on your page must be consistent, accurate, and structured in the right way. That’s one of the reasons why Wikipedia is often featured: it’s moderated, very structured, and trusted.  

That’s one of the reasons why SEO specialists covet a Wikipedia page — it’s a guaranteed win when it comes to the Knowledge Panel. If your company is reasonably large, it might be easy enough to create an entry. And then, wait for Google to crawl it. 

But that’s not an option for everyone. Wikipedia doesn’t accept the “unimportant” (that hurts) entries and mostly deletes articles about startups nobody heard about. But you can use Crunchbase for that exact purpose: it’s an excellent directory for a startup. There are other directories as well.

How to get featured without Wikipedia?

You have to work to get featured in the Knowledge Panel. There’s no way around it. It’s not easy, not foolproof, and rarely fast. Sometimes it takes over a year to win. You might never win: we can’t tell Google what to do. It might not like you for its non-disclosed reasons.

And here’s what you can do.

Choose your website. Say you want to create a personal brand page with info about you. How cool would it be if people could search for your name and find all your information right in the Knowledge Panel? For that to happen, create the “About me” page with a few short sentences and a bulleted list. Use the exact “About” text all over the web to develop consistency. 

Backlinks are essential, too: no matter what you do, have your materials link back to your personal site. That creates trust. Have many links on your own site as well: it should act as a résumé.

Last but not least is the proper Schema markup. Choose the schema type that fits your business. Yoast has a lot of the good ones. 

And our final piece of advice? Be patient. Like all SEO, you’ll see the results of your actions after some time,

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