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The Rise of Web Development in NYC

web development in NYC

Web development has become one of the leading industries in the world of IT technologies. Still, hearing phrases like “web design” or “web development,” laymen mostly imagine them rather abstractly, not knowing what they imply. That’s because the history of web design & development is relatively new. However, we shouldn’t forget about the recent past of the industry to realize how much has already been achieved and how much is still ahead of us. Due to its miraculous advancement in technologies, New York City has long been a harbor and an epicenter for the best web designers, and that’s why web development in NYC directly relates to the rise of the business overall. Let’s trace two bullet moments in the narrative of the industry up to this day.

Two essential principles of web development in NYC and worldwide

Web components

The system of web components is a set of web platform APIs that a web developer uses to create HTML tags for web pages and web apps. They are an indispensable part of the job. Roughly speaking, we can build a whole timeline of the industry based on the alterations in the web component standards only. The best example is JavaScript that represents a group of custom elements. In spite of numerous efforts to supplant this programming language, it continues to exist. Moreover, today, it is considered to be the language of the Web as its editions (there are 9 of them) have become the basement for the ecommerce web development industry.

Mobile web design

The development of mobile phones and later smartphones is a powerful catalyzer for web development in NYC and the rest of the world. Being one of the most prosperous business sectors, it accumulates a heap of resources to reach newer and newer heights. As a result, we may easily observe its impact on people’s life. Smartphones have become not just an option but an almost equal substation of traditional means. Mobile design is a vast part of website development since it stimulates designers to accustom the projects for multiple uses.

These two simple principles come across as the ultimate explanation of how the industry has risen and where it treads in the current situation. Standards may change with time, but it doesn’t mean we should stop achieving new standards of quality. Web development in NYC is vital because it provides a highly completive environment that boosts the development of the whole industry.

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