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The Worst Fonts Web Designer Can Use

The Worst Fonts Web Designer Can Use

Fonts are essential for web design; without decent typography, there can be no good design. And yet, we see designers make the same mistakes repeatedly, choosing overused, illegible, and ugly fonts when there are so many good alternatives. Today we’ll be talking about some of the worst fonts we actually saw being used on modern websites. 

The worst fonts (a very objective list)


Comic Sans

Let’s start with the basics, shall we? Comic Sans is so reviled that it’d be a crime not to include it. For designers, it’s more of a nemesis than just a font: no matter how many people agree that it’s terrible and amateurish, millions continue using it all over the world. Thankfully, it’s rarely seen in web design, but it still has a nasty habit of appearing when you least expect it.


Cutesy, childish Curlz was popular in the 00s, but now, thankfully, it’s hardly ever seen outside children’s parties. Still, some clients think of it as appropriate for specific scenarios. Don’t believe them.

Brush Script

Imitating a brush can sometimes be a nice touch, but Brush Script has been used for that purpose for decades. It’s tired, too recognizable, and not very legible. 


Impact is an ancient font that had its use. Now, though, it doesn’t fit anywhere; it looks heavy and out of place on modern pages.


What good can be said about a free font that was introduced alongside Windows Vista? Not much. Leave it for school reports in 2007.

Trajan Pro

If I asked you to name a more overused font than Trajan Pro… you’d probably remember quite a few, actually. Still, Trajan Pro has been everywhere; it’s recognizable to a fault and doesn’t look good anymore when there are so many sleeker alternatives.


Papyrus or “that Avatar font” is a staple, that much is true. You can still stumble upon it sometimes, especially since many clients consider it “topical,” but it definitely has overstayed its welcome.

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