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Time To Upgrade: WordPress Leaves Older Installations Behind

Time To Upgrade: Wordpress Leaves Older Installations Behind

Seems like WordPress is leaving older installations behind, stopping all security upgrades. What does this mean for you? Your site is about to become vulnerable—time to act and upgrade WordPress until it’s too late.

Time to upgrade WordPress

So, WordPress 3.7 to 4.0 are no longer supported. Come December 1, they will stop getting security upgrades. And trust us, sites that still rely on older installations will be put at risk immediately. Don’t dawdle and start acting now.

Why is WordPress doing that? Well, it always happens. The dev team wants to focus on the current versions. 

What version to use?

WordPress wants you always to use the latest version, which tends to be the most protected and feature-rich. Right now, the current version is 6.0.2. The fourth version, released way back in 2015, is still getting support, but you better think about upgrading sooner rather than later.

Another reason to go with WordPress 6

WordPress is a powerful CMS that we at Beluga prefer. Version 6.0 brought a lot of improvements, namely Full Site Editing, which first appeared in 5.9. The block-based editor is powerful and convenient to use. You also get to use the Post Author Biography block. 

Another significant addition is the ability to change themes with one action. Easy and fast. By the way, there are tons of new theme templates as well. 

What we also appreciate is accessibility. You might think your current website has aged like fine wine, but it’s doubtful that your site has all accessibility features considered standard in 2022. Think about making your website convenient for everyone, not just the majority. 

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