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Tips for Making a Professional Web Design Proposal

web design proposal

Every web design provider, be it a company or an individual, has to be skilled at web design proposal writing to succeed in customer attraction and retention. However, spending half a day on every potential client and composing a brand-new proposal may disrupt your web design operations. Thus, it’s vital to master the essentials of web design proposal creation and develop a couple of templates fitting your service range.

In this article, Beluga Lab experts share their insights and experience in web design proposal writing to give you the upper hand in this aspect of business operations.

Web Design Proposal: Key Elements

  • Introduction

This is the smallest but the most important part of your proposal. It presents your company and gives the client some essential information about your business mission, identity, and contact channels.

  • Problem

Next, you need to remind your prospects why they came to you and what issues you can resolve. Be it SEO optimization, top-notch website design, or branding services, the clients need to see how you will address their needs.

  • Goals and solutions

This part is unique for every client, as you typically give an analysis of their business case and explain how you will handle their needs. It should include step-by-step explanations of what will be done and how.

  • Range of pricing and service offers

Once you show that you know the client’s problem and have a solution, it’s time to clarify for how much you’re ready to handle that task. It’s critical to give customers several options and explain the reasons for price differences. Thus, you give them a chance to choose from the set of services depending on their budget and goals.

  • Available extras

Here you can mention paid and free extras a client may get from your firm.

  • How to order

Coming closer to the end of your web design proposal, you need to explain further steps for the client deciding to accept your offer. You may even include a payment link or a link to a document with a business contract.

Why Do You Need a Proposal?

If you own a rapidly developing business, keeping all vital business information in one place is essential. You may receive dozens of inquiries every day. So, your task is to give consistent offers and responses to everyone. Otherwise, you may spend 100% of your working time on inquiry processing. Besides, a proposal is also a document that showcases your design skills and serves as an expansion of your brand identity. Thus, we recommend developing several customizable templates for the prompt and competent business offer presentation to your prospects.

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