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Tips from the Best Web Design Agency in NYC

best web design agency in NYC

The Internet is full of web design & development tips. If you do some research, you will surely find much useful information on a variety of topics, from ecommerce web design to the overall improvement of your website. But what if you don’t have time to look through all those articles and resources? Below, you have a list of the most useful tips from Beluga Lab, the best web design agency in NYC.

Tips from the Best Web Design Agency in NYC

1. Use visual cues to direct user attention

There are many ways to guide users and direct their attention to where you want it to be, but the most effective one is to use visual clues. From simple arrows pointing at stuff to professionally designed ads with the images of people looking at the text you want to highlight, you have plenty of options to choose from.

2. Keep it simple

While including many visual elements and interactions in your website design may seem a good idea, what you really need is to keep it simple. Statistics show that a simple design is more likely to be perceived by users as beautiful. Besides, it is the right approach to put the focus clearly on the content.

3. Limit the choice you give to users

As the best web design agency in NYC, we deal with websites of any kind. They all are different, and they all require an individual approach when it comes to boosting conversions. But there is one tip for everyone: limit the choice you give to users. The more form fields, menu items, social media buttons, calls to action, and other choices your website has, the longer it will take for users to make a decision.

4. Opt for scrolling over clicking

Try to put all information on one page instead of compressing it into sliders and carousels or spreading it across different pages. People prefer scrolling over clicking, so use this knowledge to boost both conversions and engagement.

5. Make your website as fast as possible

Website speed makes all the difference. Not only does it win user loyalty and satisfaction, but it is also of great importance to search engines that factor the loading speed of web pages into their rankings. For this reason, you should make website speed a priority.

Hopefully, these simple tips from Beluga Lab, the best web design agency in NYC, will help you improve your website and make it more efficient. Don’t hesitate to contact our team for any professional assistance required!

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