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Top 3 Issues to Discuss with Your Web Agency

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Once you come to a web agency to create a brand-new website or redesign an old one, first you need to consider the critical design aspects. It’s common for clients to pay twice or leave the agency dissatisfied if they don’t start with the basics and confuse some fundamental terms. Thus, if you are ready for a new project for your business, it’s better to take care of the primary issues first, discussing them with your web agency representative and fixing them on paper.

What to Discuss with a Web Agency?

Every web agency has a set of ready solutions for delivering its services to clients. For instance, its web designers work with particular software kits and use the same hosting platform repeatedly as they find them convenient. However, cost, compatibility, and convenience issues may arise if you choose your website’s wrong technology or platform. Thus, we recommend conducting your due diligence and making decisions on the following aspects before paying a web agency.

#1 The Platform

Once you decide to create a website, it’s your task to determine the platform it will be based on. A good web agency typically has specialists working with different CMSs and can satisfy your needs if you clearly know what you want.

The most common choice today is WordPress, as it allows you to design versatile, good-looking websites quickly and affordably. So, we recommend looking at this platform and checking if it suits your needs. Other popular variants are Joomla, Tilda, Drupal, and Wix.

#2 The Commerce Plugins

The choice of ecommerce plugins is vital for you as a business owner. You need to work not with the systems that the web agency recommends but with the ones you find convenient and affordable. Your collaboration may soon end, while the website will remain, requiring easy and intuitive financial transactions. So, look through the spectrum of offers and choose popular plugins like WooCommerce or Shopify.

#3 Hosting

As soon as your website is ready, it should be hosted somewhere in the online space, which is also your decision to make. On the one hand, a web agency typically has a corporate subscription to some hosting provider and can give you discounted hosting. On the other hand, you need to be clear regarding whether you’re planning to stay with that provider long enough for that hosting to pay off. If you only want to get a website and then want to shift to another agency, you may need to consider other hosting options that are agency-independent.

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