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Top 3 Mistakes Even an Experienced Web Design Company Makes

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Every business strives to make its website as impressive and usable as possible. The competition in the online market is so fierce that you can’t afford to make any stupid mistakes costing you customers and revenues. But there are still mistakes that even an experienced web design company makes in the 2020s, risking your online success. Here is a guide to the top 3 mistakes you should check with your web design company. Maybe you can improve operations manifold by correcting these minor flaws?

#1 Absence of a Zoom Function

Apps and websites have become mobile-friendlier today. But still, web design’s usability looks different for different users. Your web design company might think that small chunks of text are okay. But what about your users? Are they fine without an opportunity to zoom in and read the text clearly? It’s better to give that option; users will be thankful for the freedom and flexibility of studying all information without a magnifying glass.

#2 Wrong Timing of Pop-Ups

Pop-ups are absolutely fine, but they should be offered to visitors at the right time. For instance, many websites offer a pop-up with a signup invitation right after you enter the website. Why would you sign up for that service if you don’t know anything about it yet? Thus, a pop-up is much more relevant when you are about to leave or take little action on the website for some time.

#3 Wrong Use of Color and Font

The proper use of text and background color seems to be an ABC of web design. But every second web design company commits that mistake again and again. They position light text on white backgrounds and use tiny fonts to prevent users from reading a single phrase. Why risk your customers’ retention with such poor visual decisions? Instead of experimenting with colors, make sure you have a clear, legible text (dark on the light background, white on the dark ground) and a comfortable font (e.g., Sans Serif, Arial, TNR, etc.).

What Should a Web Design Company Do?

As you can see, even professionals make many mistakes in the pursuit of top-notch, modern design solutions. But as reality shows, sometimes it’s too much, overwhelming the users and bringing them to a point where their UX falls. So, when you assign a web development project to your contractor, you should focus on usability first. Leave things simple, if possible, but keep to an appealing look and set of features. This is a perfect mix for modern digital products.

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