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Top 4 Challenges a New Design Company Faces Now

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Let’s suppose you own a new design company. What do you know about the web design business, and what changes do you witness today? 2022 has brought many changes, as the pace of progress is tremendous. Here is a quick overview of problems and issues you may come across.

#1 Ensuring Browser Compatibility

Every new design company with inexperienced developers faces the problem of ensuring seamless browser compatibility for its projects. The modern standard is a digital product working similarly well on all existing browsers and across all screen sizes. However, legacy browsers (the old ones) do not support most modern features, animation, and graphics. So, designers need to deal with:

  • Layout variations
  • The hassle of HTML/CSS validation
  • Dealing with doctype errors

#2 Enhancing UX

Creating modern and appealing products is a goal of every new design company. Effective UI and UX are at the heart of these desired outcomes, as they guarantee user buy-in and reduce the churn rate. However, front-end design requirements sometimes contradict the previously confirmed web design principles, and web designers need to work hard to harmonize everything.

To ensure that your UI/UX decisions are correct, you must conduct thorough research. Ask people what they like and dislike, what apps they currently use, and what they miss in those apps. This way, you will have a firm grasp of user needs, addressing them with a new product.

#3 Improving Website Performance

The loading speed of websites is every new design company’s nightmare. The clients’ expectations rise day by day, and programmers need to find optimal solutions for lightweight web pages. There is a number of services for measuring your site’s speed metrics, such as:

  • Largest Contentful Paint
  • First Input Delay
  • Cumulative layout Shift

Based on these metrics, you will clarify whether your website underperforms or works just as it should. If any improvements are required to boost the loading speed, you should start with code and image optimization. These aspects are often the largest contributors to website loading slowdowns.

#4 Guaranteeing Bulletproof Security

Cybersecurity is key in the modern digital world. Hackers are getting more sophisticated and skilled, attacking users and businesses to steal money and personal data. Thus, a new design company needs to invest in rigorous security measures to prevent security breaches and help its clients avoid litigation. We recommend considering:

  • Injection threats
  • Session hijacking
  • Cryptographic failures
  • Vulnerability of outdated components
  • Server-side request manipulations

A New Design Company Can Survive

As you can see, most issues you come across are technical. Thus, you need to hire skilled experts and keep all quality issues under tight control to address them effectively.

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