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Top 4 Funeral Home Web Design Ideas

funeral home web design

A funeral is not a cheerful event, and people rarely start getting ready for it in advance. However, once a person dies, their family members face the unavoidable necessity to organize the funeral. And the first place where they go is the Internet.

So, even despite the sad and depressing nature of this event, you can still attract families of the deceased to your business with an appropriate funeral home web design. Here are some tips from Beluga Lab experts who used to work on projects like this.

Essentials of Proper Funeral Home Web Design

What would make a person visit a funeral home website? Probably, their family member is terminally ill, or they have already lost a dear friend or relative. The visitors are not interested in fancy design and content-rich pages; they have come to get a funeral service. Therefore, the funeral home web design should be simple and functional first of all. Here are some tips to attract more visitors to your business website and turn them into customers.

#1 Obituaries

Obituaries are part and parcel of good funeral home web design. They are the primary source of new visitors to your website, and research shows that websites with obituaries attract 6-7 times more clients than the websites without them. The prompt addition of obituaries gives your website a better ranking on Google and allows more people to find you.

#2 A Story of Your Business

It’s always more pleasant and reassuring to work with a business you understand and trust. So, you need to let your clients learn more about who you are, when you started out, and what services you provide. This information should be conveniently placed in the “About Us” section, which prospects often visit when choosing among several providers.

#3 Multiple Channels of Contact

Mourning people are often absent-minded and unconcentrated, so they need clear and simple instructions to complete a purchase from your website. If you want to attract more clients, you need to give them as many ways to contact you as possible. Some prospects prefer calling the office, while others want to come in person and make all arrangements face to face. You should be available via all channels to keep clients satisfied.

#4 Convenient Payment Methods

Last but not least, payment methods should be diverse and simple. One client might want to pay via a bank transfer, while another one wants to use a credit card or e-wallet instead. The last thing you want is to involve grieving people in a hassle with payment procedures. So, try to arrange the payment methods as flexibly as possible to avoid any friction or trouble with it.

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