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Top 4 Red Flags Suggesting a Bad Web Design Firm

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As soon as you decide to create an online resource – be it a website or an app – you definitely need to engage a web design firm in the process. If you don’t have an in-house software development team, you’ll have to look for an outsourced provider of such services, which is more flexible and affordable than hiring developers full-time. But the problem is that dealing with a new provider is always dangerous. You risk remaining with an overpriced, poor-quality product created by non-professionals.

So, how to choose a web design firm? And what red flags can caution you about a careless, disreputable agency? Here are some signs to talk you out of working with a particular agency.

#1 Poor Communication

The fundamental value of any freelance relationship between a client and a service provider is efficient, timely communication across all channels. You need to get timely progress reports, give feedback on the intermediary product drafts, and participate in the process. However, poor communication is a sign of non-professionalism. So, if it takes days for the manager to answer your inquiries, if half of your preferred communication types are unavailable, and calls are constantly delayed or rescheduled, it’s better not to work with such a web design firm.

#2 Too Cheap or Too Expensive Products

The product’s price in the world of web design is a fuzzy term. The final price is a result of complex calculations based on the company’s expertise, market reputation, staffing, the cost of rent, expenditures on advertising, etc. Still, there are some upper and lower limits to how much a standard app or a website may cost. If you see that the quote is suspiciously lower or higher than the market average, something may be wrong with the company.

#3 Negative Online Reviews of the Web Design Firm

If you see that previous clients of the web design firm you’re considering are dissatisfied with the product they received, then it’s another factor to think twice. Another red flag is the absence of references. The company may be reluctant to give you contacts of dissatisfied customers, which also proves that working with it is a risk.

#4 Dubious Marketing Tactics

The final stroke is the web design firm’s unethical promotional strategies. If its managers offer to get to the top of Google by stealing traffic or posting some trash content online, never mess up with some fraudsters. They will bury your business reputation instead of expanding the outreach and standing of your company.

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