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Top 4 Signs of a Good Web Designer Site

web designer site

Those planning to hire a web design specialist start their search and evaluation of options by looking at the web designer site. The latter is the primary instrument for a pro to showcase their talents and practical expertise. Thus, a top-notch web designer website should look professional and attractive so that prospective clients make a positive hiring decision.

Not sure how to create your web resource to attract maximum customer attention? Here the experts of Beluga Lab uncover the basics of good web designer site creation.

Elements of a Top-Notch Web Designer Site

Let’s look at the characteristics of a high-quality web resource closer.

  • Intuitive Interface

Any web resource should be usable first of all. Without usability, even the most sophisticated and professional web design will fail. Users will simply be unable to find what they need, experiencing challenges with site navigation. So, if you feel that you spend too much time on each action on the web designer site, it’s a bad sign.

  • SEO

Optimization for search engines is the primary contributor to the resource’s visibility. Thus, if the site is not SEO-optimized, you will hardly find such a resource, no matter how good and talented the expert is. Web designers’ poor visibility hints at the fact that they are not skilled at SEO, which promises a failure to every product they create.

  • Transparent Service Range

The worst you can do to your clients is conceal your prices and services until the point of the first contact. The same is true for a web designer’s website. People who can’t understand how much they will need to pay will hardly contact a specialist.

  • Impressive Portfolio

Once you visit a web designer site, go to the portfolio section first. You need to make sure that this specialist has experience with the websites you need. No experiments or trial and error with your money!

How to Evaluate a Web Resource?

Make sure that you pay proper attention to each of the features we’ve discussed above. But still, don’t forget that a web designer site is first of all a creative resource showcasing a specialist’s unique approach to web design. Thus, it’s okay if an appealing, competent resource deviates from the norm we’ve just discussed. In these cases, think of usability and UX first. Did you find everything you needed? Is the website functional and intuitive? Do the designer’s works make your heart beat faster? If that’s what you feel, then the specialist may be right for you, even if their website undermines the quality standards.

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