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Top 5 Cheap Web Design Builders

cheap web design builders

Nowadays, if you want to build a new website, you don’t necessarily need to be an experienced web developer or web designer. With special online platforms, even a newbie can create a website. So, what are the best cheap web design builders available today? Let’s find this out!

Top 5 cheap web design builders

To pick out only 5 cheap web design builders from a big pile is a kind of an ordeal, so we have singled out only those that come as most functional and yet low-cost options.

1. WordPress

This top wouldn’t be objective without WordPress, the world’s cheapest and probably the most popular website platform. This open-source content management system is one of the best options when it comes to website and design, considering the price and a gamut of services you get with it.

2. Wix

Wix is a decent and full-featured alternative to WordPress. Due to the high functionality of this cheap web design builder, one can use it for a whole variety of purposes, be it creating an ecommerce design or a personal blog. One of the distinguishing peculiarities of this system is Wix ADI, a cutting-edge set of tools for developing a website from scratch.

3. Weebly

Unlike the previous builders, Weebly adopts more of a traditional approach to creating designs. Although Weebly is targeting web sales, ecommerce is not its strong suit. You’d rather use it for blogging since it has features like post scheduling, categorization, tag system, etc. Still, it is a good choice for a cheap website design. 

4. Ucraft

Choosing Ucraft means paying little money for a high-end cloud website builder. It’s the right choice for those who value portability and agility because with this platform, you can have everything efficiently packed in one place. 

5. Jimdo

Compared to others on this list, Jimdo is probably the most complex and puzzling platform. We are not saying that it is a complete nightmare, but it does require some delicacy and knowledge when using it. Despite that, Jimdo is still a good and cheap option to consider.

If you need high-quality yet affordable web design, don’t hesitate to contact Beluga Lab. We will find the best solution based on both your needs and budget!

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