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Top 5 Customer Retention Tips for a Design Web Company

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The fear of losing big clients haunts every web design company. It’s really frustrating to see some clients go for a reason or without one. So, to anticipate and prevent such hassle, you need to have a workable client retention strategy in stock. Here are some ideas from Beluga Lab customer service specialists taking care of minimizing the churn rate in the agency.

What Can a Design Web Company Do to Retain Clients?

#1 Social Evidence

Even though the reputation of social proof was stained by numerous fake reviews and testimonials, it still works pretty well. You can’t help believing all those Mikes and Hellens saying that the product or service is great, can you? So, a couple of positive testimonials will never do you a bad favor, especially if they come from reputable people or organizations and are verifiable.

#2 Before/After Trick

When coming to a design web agency, many clients seek a life-transforming experience. You can either rebrand their social media or create a totally new, modern landing page. A functional app, a full-scale UI redesign – anything that works out makes a business more successful. So, ask your clients for permission to show the “before/after” effect of your work; it will impress new clients for sure.

#3 Thankfulness

Everybody appreciates a short and hearty “thank you” for the action they did. You can also thank clients for many things – choosing your design web company, placing an order, giving you good feedback on social media. Everything counts in a strong, lasting relationship, and a heart-warming thank-you letter can do real magic.

#4 Personalization

People don’t like to feel like being spied on, but at the same time, they like services that give them custom-tailored recommendations and remind them of buying the necessary stuff. Thus, you can also achieve a closer relationship with clients if you manage to show that you know them, their tastes, preferences, and shopping behaviors well. Use AI or ML tools to collect and analyze big data; this investment will pay off soon.

#5 Meticulous Service

Sooner means later in many cases, no matter how strange it may sound. The fact that your clients are in a hurry shouldn’t be a good reason to give them speedy but mediocre service. A professional web design company should take genuine care of client satisfaction and top-quality service at the heart of any services it offers. Therefore, it’s vital to emphasize the quality and completeness of the provided service instead of the speed of its delivery. Such an approach is a surer way to build trust.

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