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Top 5 Techniques to Use in Animated Websites

animated websites

The times of Flash animation, which was cumbersome and non-Google-friendly, are in the past. Still, users remain fascinated by the power of animation and like animated websites as strongly as they did two decades ago. The good news is that you can create a top-notch site with contemporary animation without extra expenditures. Using novel tools and the assistance of a qualified web designer, you can surprise your users with a great interactive resource. Read on to learn how animated websites are created today.

What to Spice Animated Websites with?

The first point of the business owner’s concern is what parts of a website to equip with animation features. It’s true that animated websites boost UX only if these elements are used in moderation. So, here is our secret recipe for a great web resource.

#1 Navigation

The inclusion of animated elements into navigation is the best (and safest) way to go when we talk about modern animated websites. It’s very convenient to arrange hidden navigation this way, with the navigation function popping up and increasing in size once you tap on it. This method enhances the resource’s UX architecture and allows intuitive visual organization of website content.

#2 Attention-Grabber

Animated websites have higher chances to attract user attention to the most significant issues, like CTAs and feedback forms, by incorporating the elements of animation right where you want your customers to focus.

#3 Skeleton Screen Layout

Skeleton screens are another form of creating animated websites today for boosting user engagement. It’s a highly useful layout technique for slowly loading websites, which display information gradually. In these cases, animation will keep the visitor’s attention and will help avoid the high churn rate.

#4 Seamless Transitions

Hard cuts are a typical UX problem when it comes to website navigation. Animated websites often solve this problem with smooth transitions, thus letting the users stay on the same page and avoid hard cuts while quickly jumping to the required information chunk.

#5 Dynamic Background

The best you can do to make your website visually appealing is to give it a dynamic background. Users love to watch how the images evolve and change, while the key business information remains relatively static in the foreground. It’s vital to choose high-resolution images that may create an enchanting effect on the users; in this way, you can achieve the perfect balance between appealing imagery and valuable content.

As you can see, animation is alive and has much to offer even to the most sophisticated users.

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