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Top 5 Web Design Companies in 2021

web design companies

Today, the world is shifting to digital because of technological advancements. Many businesses now enjoy the convenience of having a website. Due to the demand, many web design companies are offering similar services. How do you identify the best company to handle your project?

Top Web Design Companies with a Difference

Choosing a professional company with competent designers and an impressive work ethic is essential. We shall explore some of the top-rated agencies in this article to help you build an appealing website that meets your business goals.

Beluga Lab

New York has many web design companies, and Beluga is known for its top-notch services. It has a team of professional web designers with a remarkable portfolio. The company has handled large and small design projects successfully. From corporate websites to ecommerce platforms, you can trust the agency to deliver beyond your expectations. Apart from appealing and quality websites, you can enjoy outstanding services at affordable rates.

Spinx Digital

Another high-performing web company is Spinx Digital, located in California. It is one of the popular and rapidly-growing web design companies that focus on building customized websites. The agency has skilled web developers, copywriters, and digital marketers who bring innovative and impressive skills. If you want simple, responsive, and effective websites, Spinx will meet your business needs.

Blue Fountain Media

If you are a small business owner looking to build a website, Blue Fountain Media is the company to try out. Launched in 2003 in New York, the company is helping many brands to transform digitally. The company deals in creating top-quality websites for diverse clients. Moreover, the agency boasts of deep domain and web design expertise with skilled professionals on the team.  Some of its reputable clients include Sony, FedEx, and Microsoft.


Established in 2011, Eight25Media is among California’s leading web design companies. It focuses on building functional and appealing web designs for clients in diverse fields. The agency has an agile and results-driven approach that helps the team solve complex problems. Besides, the web agency helps businesses owners create high-functioning websites with effective business strategies.


If you are in retail and need an ecommerce website, Ruckus will sort you out impeccably. It is an agency that primarily deals in building tailored websites for customers in different industries, promising positive change through top-quality websites. The company has a track record of delivering impressive results with the help of skilled professionals.

Find Your Best Match

You can find numerous web development agencies in the market. Carry out extensive research to know more about the agencies and find one that meets your business needs.

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