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Top 6 Features of the Best Design for Your Website

best design

It’s so easy to get tempted by the abundance of website templates and patterns today, forgetting what distinguishes a unique website. As a rule, it’s the custom, creative approach that gives your web resource a unique touch and attracts users to you. So, here we cover the top features by which you can tell that your website has the best design possible. Read on to see what to look for in the web resource and what task to give to your designer.

Best Design: What Is It About?

Indeed, using a template can give you a quick jumpstart online, but it’s too primitive and predictable to give you a strong competitive advantage in the market. Thus, if you want to stay here for long, you need to strive for the best design, which typically includes the following traits.

#1 Brand Identity

If you have an established business and add an online presence to the existing marketing mix, then the best design solution for you would be to make the web resource coherent with your brand identity. This way, the existing users will feel that they are in a familiar place when coming to your online platform, building trust in you quicker.

#2 Functionality

The website should enable users to perform the intended tasks – quickly, effectively, and intuitively. To do this, it needs to incorporate the basic set of features and functions your visitors will need. Thus, user research is vital to understand the functionality you need and translate it into the best design solutions at the software development stage.

#3 Usability

UI/UX is gaining momentum today as the key parameter determining the success of digital products. The principle of best design is that your website or app is appealing, intuitive, and easy to use, which attracts end-users and makes them stay instead of choosing the competitors’ products.

#4 Optimization

Users visit web resources on desktops, mobile phones, and PCs, and they need an equally seamless and satisfying experience on all gadgets. Thus, your website should be optimized for all screens and resolutions to be a market success.

#5 Top-Notch Content

The best design will fade away if the content of your website is garbage. So, you need to take proper care of content optimization, making it readable and engaging for the visitors. Add quality updates in the form of a blog to keep your users interested.

#6 Clear Message

The final point distinguishing the best design from a mediocre one is the clarity of your CTA for the user. Your website will be much more successful if you guide the visitors through the user pipeline and convince them to make a target action – sign up for your newsletter, buy your product, share their contacts, etc. Thus, websites will strong CTAs always win in terms of visitor conversion and commitment.

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