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Top 6 Useful Features of Java for Custom Website Development

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Java is a popular programming language that is a must-know for every professional web developer. Created in 1995, Java is among the pioneer languages used to create client apps and server software. You can use Java applications across many platforms since the program has a unique bytecode that allows easy installation on many electronic devices.

Most web developers prefer using Java for custom website development because of flexibility and consistency. In addition, it has several exceptional features that make its popularity grow further across the globe.

Let us delve into the top features that make Java the best option for building customized websites.

Essential Features of Java for Custom Website Development

Here are some of the special features that make Java a popular programming language:

 Simple and Clean

Java is a simple programming language that is easy to use and understand. Most experts prefer it since it has a clean coding style, without any complicated elements.  If you are familiar with C and C++ languages, Java will be easy since it has similar features. You can conveniently use it for custom website development.


Another unique feature that Java has is the ability to function independently. Web developers compile the program on one machine and execute it on another machine without altering any codes. The bytecode is responsible for making Java a platform-independent program.


Since Java is independent, it also has portable features. Programmers can run Java on any computer, regardless of location. That is why it is preferable for custom website development. You can use Java on Windows, Mac, Linux, and other operating systems without compatibility issues. Moreover, updating your OS will not have any effect on the Java programs.


Java programs use objects in coding processes. It supports features such as abstraction and encapsulation. Such features allow web developers to execute programs efficiently.


When it comes to robustness, Java is among the best programming languages that can handle errors exceptionally well. In addition, the programming language has a robust system that manages memory utilization. It thoroughly checks the codes when the programmer compiles and runs to remove any possible errors.


Security is a vital aspect of programming languages since there are external risks of malware attacks. Java developers understand the risks; that is why it has additional elements that ensure security is top-notch.

Java is a high performance language with many other unique features. It is the best language for custom website development since it supports efficient coding processes and smooth programming.

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