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Top 7 Dominant Web Design Trends for 2021

web design trends

Half a year is already over, so it is time to analyze the changes that have occurred in the website design and development sphere so far. The first half of 2021 has been rather prolific and successful in terms of new trends, giving rise to many remarkable solutions. What web design trends have been ruling the industry, and will they remain relevant until the end of the year? Let’s take a look at the list below.

Top 7 dominant web design trends for 2021

1. Horizontal scrolling

Once one of the most bizarre website features, a horizontal scroll is coming back. Thanks to innovative approaches, now business web designers can effectively disclose secondary information without making the UX feel awkward.

2. Parallax animation

What does a parallax effect mean? Basically, it is when dynamic page elements are separated into background and foreground extremes. At a glance, it looks like an optical illusion. Despite their exclusivity, parallax animations should be incorporated with great care because they can be harmful to people with vestibular disorders.

3. Neumorphism

The list of the most dominant web design trends would be incomplete without neumorphism. Some say that it is a massive breakthrough in UI design. In practice, neumorphism means flat design made of simplified colors and icons to create a more unrealistic yet smoother custom web design.

4. Three-dimensional colors

The popularity of 3D web design elements is so intense that website design agencies now transform even colors into 3D. At the same time, it takes much effort to create a website with such an elaborate color scheme.

5. Embedded videos for homepages

If you are looking for a creative idea for your home page web design, you can go for embedded videos. Since the devices have become more and more advanced in terms of specs, high-quality media content on a homepage won’t cause any problems to the visitors.

6. Abstract art incorporations

Digital abstract art is probably one of the most flourishing web design trends in 2021. No matter whether it is ecommerce web design or a custom web blog, designers become real artists and create the most unimaginable abstractions.

7. Dark mode

Dark mode aesthetics is an effective way to establish a contrast between different elements of a website. The low-light user interface rocks again.

The future of web design starts now

The chances are that those seven web design trends will be dominating the market and industry for the rest of the year. Moreover, they might well trigger a wave of new trends that will indicate the start of 2022. Keep yourself updated!

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