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Top Events NY Web Designers Can’t Miss in 2022

Web design and development is a dynamic industry with numerous notable changes every day. So, every self-respecting specialist needs to stay up to date with the industry trends and monitor the changes continually. Where can NY web designers find updates and inspiration in 2022? Here is a review of the world’s top events scheduled for 2022.

What Events Should NY Web Designers Attend?

#1 UX & Product Management Case Study Conference

The conference will take place in Salt Lake City, Utah, on April 6-8, 2022. Its organizer is Front Utah, a community of talented and dedicated designers and product managers. This organization has been successful in organizing conferences and events that differ from traditional meetups. So, the attendees share insightful case studies and access extraordinary content dedicated to UX/UI and digital product management.

#2 Design Matters Pop-Up

The world-famous conference, Design Matters, organizes a pop-up event dedicated to sustainable design principles and trends on March 23, 2022. The event will be virtual, so NY web designers will have an opportunity to attend even from their homes. The target audience of this event includes UX researchers, designers, and product managers. It will touch upon the topics of sustainable design, design processes, and leadership in web design teams.

#3 UXDX USA 2022

The hybrid event on product design, web design, and UX will take place in New York on March 29-31, 2022. Thus, NY web designers have a unique chance to be physically present at the offline venue or attend virtually. Topics covered in this conference include scaling design, idea validation, strategy, and product development.

#4 From Business to Buttons

A Stockholm-based conference on UX and web service design will occur on May 13, 2022. It may be especially interesting for product designers, NY web designers, and managers in this industry. The essentials of scaling design and leadership issues will be covered as well.

#5 ACE!

Another interesting event for NY web designers will take place in Poland, Krakow, on May 19-20. It covers two major directions: agile software development and product design. Thus, all specialists connected with product design and development, including digital products, will find the content and speakers very interesting. The event is hybrid, meaning that attendees can come to Krakow or attend the event online.

#6 Design2022

This conference will take place in Cavtat, Croatia, on May 23-26. The topics it covers are human-centered web design, accessibility of web products, and leadership in the web design process. This conference’s organizers encourage a multidisciplinary approach to design, so all specialists, including NY web designers, will find much valuable information about innovation in web design.

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