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Top Summer Fonts for Website Designers’ Use in 2022

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Spring is already here. So, website designers working on the new projects need to think about the coming hot and sunny summer. If your new projects are specifically dedicated to summer activities (e.g., hotels or recreational complexes, summer travel destinations, etc.), using relevant fonts can add to the intended impression. Here’s the top list of summer fonts that website designers at Beluga Lab use to enhance the visual effect of UIs.

#1 Summer Blaze

Looking at this summer-style font produced by Typefactoryco, you will definitely think of a local party or a cocktail event in a beach club. It radiates the summer holiday’s fun, relaxation, and heat, giving your website an additional feel of festive vibes. The font’s package includes uppercase and lowercase letters, punctuation marks, and a large set of symbols, giving you a universal toolkit for summer banner creation.

#2 The Tide

This font is reminiscent of the child’s play The Flintstones, which conquered the hearts of many people. Its chunky look and the combination of stone-like letters and summer travel feel make it ideal for surfing-related and travel products. You can add a fleur of experimental nihilism to your web resource by using this font in the banner.

#3 Palmsprings

What can give a more evident association with summer vibes than a palm leaf? That’s exactly what the Palmsprings font adds to your web resource, giving it a fresh, green fleur of the jungles. Please keep in mind that this is an all-caps font, suitable for the design of tropical themes and beach-related visuals.

#4 Sunshine Valley

If your web product aims to combine the romantic theme with summer vibes, the Sunshine Valley font is the best way to go. Using this font, you will add a romantic, feminine touch to your website’s banner. It works best against the sunset or marine backgrounds. Besides the romantic touch, this font looks very stylish, thus giving your website a contemporary, sleek look.

#5 Hawaiian Dreams

Everyone wishes to visit Hawaii at least once in a lifetime. Thus, the Hawaiian Dreams font can bring many people closer to that dream. Its hot, welcoming orange color and flower ornamentation add to the real tropical feel of your website or commercial banner. It’s an all-caps, blocky font that won’t leave anyone indifferent.

Fonts Matter

As you can see, fonts can make absolutely different impressions on the site’s visitors if they are used in line with your resource’s theme and brand identity. Choose fonts creatively and carefully to add to the winning UI of your website.

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