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Uncovering the Value of Animated Websites

animated websites

With web designers becoming more inventive, it is hard to create websites that stand out and make a lasting impression. One of the easiest ways to make the website noticeable and memorable is to use animation. Animated websites engage users and draw their attention, but they also can be tricky. This article explains the role of animated elements in website design and how to approach them wisely.

What are Animated Websites?

Animated websites use animated elements and tricks to spice up their design. There are many ways to incorporate animated pieces into the website:

  • Background animation
  • Animated logos
  • Kinetic typography
  • Liquid motion
  • Loading animation
  • Animated slideshows

Contrary to the common misconception, animated websites are not limited to entertainment. Animation can be skillfully incorporated into any website, as long as it is relevant and consistent with the company’s image. For example, a minimalist animation is more suitable for a business website, while a flashy, colorful one belongs to an entertainment or children’s website.

Why Animation Matters

Animated elements help enhance the user experience by making it smoother and more enjoyable. It can facilitate navigation, tell the story, or simply entertain users as they wait for the information to load. Animation also attracts attention, which is crucial for keeping the visitors fully engaged and inviting them to explore the information further. You have only a few seconds to convince the user to stay, so using animation to create a positive first impression is essential.

Animation also builds a powerful emotional connection between users and the website. It communicates a particular meaning, values, and ideas, allowing users to extract more meaning than textual content offers.

If your company sells innovative products and services, animation may emphasize your creativity and out-of-the-box vision. Bold, carefully balanced animation shows that you prioritize uniqueness.

Working Tips to Make Animations Truly Effective

Good animated websites follow these principles:

  • More animation does not mean better – use animated elements wisely
  • Diversification is a must; do not overuse the same animation patterns
  • Avoid animations that are too flashy and distracting
  • Align animation with the company’s image and vision

If you want to incorporate animated pieces into the website design, try combining several types (e.g., hover animation plus input animation or parallax plus menu animation). Finally, don’t forget that only professionals can create the most outstanding animated websites. So, search for expert help when designing your website.

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