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Usability Recommendations from the Top Web Design Company

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What is the most important thing for a website user? Balanced and effective layout? The navigation system and filters? The very peculiarity here is that all of these features (there are actually many more of them) constitute the most practical quality of the web design – usability. Usability defines how good the user experience is. At Beluga Lab, a top web design company in New York, we have been working with responsive web design for many years, and we do know the key elements of usability. If you want to find out more about website design & development and how to ensure great user experience, this blog post is right for you. So, let’s get started!

Great User Experience Secrets from the Top Web Design Company


Accessibility can be achieved only if the website has responsive web design. Always keep in mind smartphone and tablet users who might have some screen compatibility issues. Also, double-check if every single link functions. Dead links are signs of negligence and may ruin the whole enjoyment of the website users. 


Simple and intuitive information architecture is a must. As a top web design company, we always try to develop a clear and usable design. The website is not a labyrinth but a clear-cut pathway that should direct users and satisfy their curiosity in a jiff.


Internet users always judge a website by its cover. A homepage is the most powerful tool to make people spend more valuable time on your site and feel the benefits of using it. If your design doesn’t captivate their eyes and minds, they will probably opt for another website.

Concise content

Too much text does more harm than good. First visitors are usually impatient, and, therefore, they will most likely pay more attention to the sentences that get right to the point. If your text is too long, then your content is not concise, which may confuse the visitors.

Contact details

Make sure that your visitors can easily get in touch with you. Your website should contain your contact details or, at least, a feedback form. This will show that you not only care about your visitors but also want to build loyal customers.

If you want to provide the best possible usability on your website, you will probably need professional help from Beluga Lab, a top web design company in New York. Please don’t hesitate to contact our dedicated team of website designers and developers!

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