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Value of Branding and Identity Design Services

branding and identity design

What is a brand identity anyway? Simply speaking, it is the collection of features that make your company unique and distinguish it from competitors. The key brand identity aspects include the following:

  • Mission
  • Values
  • Brand voice
  • Unique positioning
  • Logo, typography, color palette, and imagery

You may think that there is no need to bother and purchase branding and identity design services as long as you provide high-quality products and services. However, people would simply not notice and remember you unless you have an inimitable and vibrant brand identity. Other benefits of possessing a unique identity include:

  • Brand expansion
  • Customer loyalty
  • Higher sales
  • Competitiveness
  • Increased company worth

Companies with a strong brand identity find it easier to introduce new products because customers associate them with the brand. For example, any new product launched by Apple automatically becomes a hit because people value this brand for quality and reliability.

What Branding and Identity Services Are There?

You may wonder what branding and identity design services are out there. Let’s list some of the most important ones to inform your decisions:

Logo Development

Your company’s logo is the first thing that people see and recognize. It should be memorable to allow people to associate it with your products and services. Branding and identity design often involve the development of a creative, practical, and simple logo.

Non-Visual Elements

Branding and identity design services also deal with more elusive aspects, such as brand personality and brand voice. Companies offering these services carefully evaluate the company’s position on the market, its target audience, pricing policies, values, etc., and help it create its unique voice. It may manifest itself in wording, advertisements, and communication with customers.

Print Design

In addition, it is possible to strengthen brand identity with print materials, such as banners, flyers, brochures, product labels, magazines, book covers, etc. Ideally, a company’s identity should be consistently communicated through distinct brand typography style and color palette.

Branding and Identity Design Services by Beluga Lab

If you are looking for branding and identity design services, the Beluga Lab team can help you. Branding is one of the key areas of expertise, so we know how to satisfy our clients. Whether you want to build a brand from scratch or make it more distinct, Beluga Lab will meet your expectations. Our experts also ensure that your website design reflects your brand identity and makes it even more memorable.

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