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Web Design and Marketing: How Do They Relate to Each Other?

Web design and marketing

Where does the phrase “web design that sells” come from, and why are so many people now talking about web design and branding? The reasons for that are pretty simple: almost all aspects of website design refer to marketing. And vice versa, Internet marketing strategies nearly always include web designing as part of the comprehensive process of advertising. The relationship between web design and marketing is in reality so intense and essential that it’s impossible to imagine these two concepts without each other. So, where does the connection lie?

Web design and marketing: how do they relate to each other?

Marketing, and its subvariety “web marketing” in particular, may seem new to laymen. To start with, marketing is not essentially one concept but a broad spectrum of concepts being equally necessary for varied marketing practices. By definition, it is a way in which something is advertised. In other words, it is a wide range of activities designed for promoting a website. The most recognized one, which you might meet every day while surfing the Internet, is display advertising (banner and pop-up ads). These ads may be quite annoying, but they are still an effective tool.

For custom web designers, who build a design from scratch, only some marketing tactics prove themselves worthy. To be precise, these include search engine optimization (SEO) and content marketing. Others are used too, but far more rarely. At this point, the relationship between web design and marketing becomes even stronger.

SEO has long become a part of web designers’ work. Website designers should keep their eyes peeled at every stage of production, as even the slightest change in information architecture may cause substantial damage to the entire promotion strategy. The same goes for content marketing. A well-organized content hierarchy is one of the components of high-quality user experience (UX), which, in turn, improves conversion rate and lead generation.

As you see, good web design is tightly bound to marketing. Considering their interrelated importance and knowing how to use them the right way, you are free to build effective web design even today. Thanks to SEO and content marketing, you can not only strengthen your brand but also improve your standing against the background of fierce competition in the web market.

Please feel free to contact Beluga Lab if you have any questions regarding web design and marketing. We would be glad to help you realize the boldest marketing strategies through the prism of responsive web design.

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