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Web Design and SEO – When They Go Hand in Hand

web design and SEO

Web design is more on the technical side, while SEO is about the content arrangement. But are these tasks as distinct as you used to think? In fact, web design and SEO are two sides of one task – making your website user-friendly and intuitive. Here we uncover the core principles of unifying the two for your website development project’s success.

Why Unify Web Design and SEO?

There are several contributing factors to the increasing focus on web design and SEO. First, search engines started paying more attention to the user interface than ever before, ranking user-friendly websites higher. Now your rating depends on how long users stay on the website and whether your site is cross-platform. Second, a visually appealing website is not enough to make your business a success. If the website’s features don’t match your marketing strategy and business goals, it’s doomed to failure and client dissatisfaction.

A reasonable solution to this tension between good looks and usability is a combination of web design and SEO efforts in one designer’s hands. Both aspects should be taken care of in a single effort, meaning that web design and SEO optimization go hand in hand to contribute to a harmonious, pleasing, and at the same time functional design of your online resource.

Principles of Web Design and SEO in Harmony

Any web agency should deliver complex services during the design and structuring of your online resource. Here’s how it is achieved:

  • They tend to improve user engagement by allowing easy site navigation and quick loading. Placing fresh, attention-grabbing content in easily reachable, visible places is also a good way for making the visitors stay longer, thus improving your SERP rank.
  • They create a user-friendly, sleek UX to make the website’s content accessible and usable. This effect can be achieved with simple layouts and screen adaptability.
  • They add innovative elements to your website to engage the audience and impress them. It can be done with special effects, interactivity, and pleasing fonts, creating an overall positive impression.
  • They must make the resource mobile-friendly. Given the steady rise of mobile users and the increasing amount of time people spend online on their smartphones, it’s a bulletproof method for increasing your outreach.

What Else to Check?

In addition to scan-friendliness, mobile-friendliness, and simplicity, your website should load quickly. It’s a vital technical aspect that some businesses overlook. Yet it plays a huge role in determining the user experience. Another tip is to stick to responsive web design (RWD) – a modern practical approach to designing simple and functional websites the Internet users are sure to love.

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