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Web Design Details that Really Matter

design details

Web design is a complicated process during which the developer needs to take many details into account. Thus, design details make a real difference in the end, distinguishing a mediocre resource from a good one. Here are some tricks that Beluga Lab experts use to make their projects outstanding.

What Details Can Make Your Website a Success?

To make a web resource a success, you need to incorporate the following design details in your project.

  • Visual Hierarchy

The visual order of your page is a vital tool in directing your visitors’ attention to different menu parts. Small fonts will have a limited visual effect, as well as content positioning at the bottom of the page, low-contrast color scheme, and crowded text. The high visual effect is achieved via large fonts, content placement at the top of the page, strong color contrasts, and the use of branded colors.

  • Killer Headlines

Go the extra mile when writing your headlines and CTAs. They should be keyword-focused and clear, showing that the site visitor is indeed in the right place.

  • Consistent Focus

Don’t overcrowd your pages with different CTAs and confusing messages. Think about the fold principle, projecting what a regular visitor will see on the screen at a time. Make sure this content is consistent and focused on one message.

  • Standard Layouts

User psychology holds it that people have certain expectations about a website’s layout. These include a logo in the top left corner, contacts located in the top right part, main navigation components located in the header, and a UVP shown on the first fold of the home page. Don’t frustrate your users; give them what they want, and you’ll be rewarded.

  • People’s Images

Research says that people find people’s images more trustworthy and likable. Therefore, you can increase conversion by using human images instead of animals, objects, or fancy abstract images. But be selective when picking the images; overused stock photos can produce an opposite effect on user trust.

  • Service and Blog Pages

Never link your service pages to blog posts; only vice versa. If your prospect leaves the service page to read a blog, they may not come back. If they read a blog and leave it to order a service, it’s a much better business outcome.

Never Ignore the Details

As you can see, design details can make a real difference in the visitor behavior on your website. Don’t underestimate the importance of these minor points in the design process. In the end, they will transform into sizable gains in user visits, conversions, and churn rate reductions.

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